Journal of Applied Hematology

: 2017  |  Volume : 8  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 12--15

Analysis of plateletpheresis donor deferral rate, characteristics, and its preventability

Mehmet H Dogu1, Sibel Hacioglu2 
1 Clinic of Hematology, Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey
2 Department of Hematology, Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine, Denizli, Turkey

Correspondence Address:
Mehmet H Dogu
Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Clinic of Hematology, 34098 İstanbul

Introduction: Plateletpheresis is a procedure included in donor apheresis in which the donor blood is passed through an extraction machine, the platelets are extracted, and the remainder is returned into the circulation. Donor selection is important because donors are the only source for meeting blood product needs. In our study we aimed to evaluate deferral reasons in applications for plateletpheresis donation and reveal determine the preventable ones among them. Materials And Methods: The persons who were admitted to our Blood Center to be plateletpheresis donors during the period of six month, after a demand/request for platelet suspension was issued by the clinics. Their eligibility for being plateletapeheresis donors was decided. Results: A total of 1098 persons have applied to be plateletpheresis donors; 1045 were male and 53 female. A total of 787 persons were found to be eligible for being plateletpheresis donors; 772 were male and 15 female. 891 units of apheresis platelets were obtained from apheresis donors, including double units collected from 104 of them. Applications of 311 persons were deferred due to various reasons. The most common reason for donor deferral was inappropriate vascular access in 80 persons (25.7%, 69 males, 11 females). This is followed by abnormal laboratory values in 57 persons (18.3%) and drug use (most commonly analgesics) in 46 persons (14.7%). Discussion: During the assessment of blood product donors, proper selection of the candidates should be considered very carefully in order to not to harm the donor but to supply the demand of the recipient properly. When the deferral reasons were evaluated, improvement of in-hospital technical reasons and education sessions for people in order to increase the social awareness may substantially decrease the deferral rates.

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